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Andy Routsis
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I was recently forwarded a good article in Industry Week by Jill Jusko entitled: When It Comes to Training, Don't Hope for the Best

Article Excerpt
When it comes to training, "what I often see happen is that people will invest in some training and then hope that the results will shine through," says Ryan Hale, lead consultant with Stroud Consulting. Instead, he says, manufacturers must first understand what results they want to achieve and then pick the training and tools to achieve those results.

My Comments
This article highlights a common pitfall in employee training. Most companies don't approach training with the intent of making concrete improvements... and as a result, they don't structure the training to accomplish these concrete goals.

I recommend you consider reading Jill's' article When It Comes to Training, Don't Hope for the Best as well as Selecting Your Training Metrics to learn more about the importance of monitoring training metrics.


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